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What is CardShark2?

CardShark2 is a software learning tool to assist Texas Hold 'em players get the most out of their game - regardless of experience level. It works with all Hold 'em games - No Limit, Pot Limit, and Table Limit.

CardShark2 is designed to be used however you want to use it, and WILL improve your game - whether you're new to Hold 'em, or a seasoned veteran.

CardShark2's breakthrough technology takes into account all the critical factors, such as player position, number of opponents, number of callers, raisers, and more - many of which are ignored by other approaches.

To get the most accurate feedback possible the player will want to input all the information possible - but CardShark2 will provide excellent guidance with less information as well. Use the system as you want to - its completely in your hands.

An easy point-and-click interface allows the player to input the information necessary to create solid calculations. Click on the following links to see the User Interface of the CardShark2 Standard Module and also the Tourney Module.

Who would benefit most from CardShark?

CardShark2 is designed to assist ALL poker players, regardless of experience. CardShark2 will certainly assist the lesser-experienced player in understanding how to play certain hands, enabling him or her to become more proficient in a nearly infinite number of scenarios.

And veteran players will use CardShark2 to gain an accurate understanding of their statistical standing in any situation. By understanding the true odds of winning in a scenario, the veteran player can determine whether to bet strong, bluff, semi-bluff, or any number of other more advanced plays.

Am I guaranteed to win with CardShark2?

Uh, no.
But what New Millenium Software does guarantee is that you will see improved winnings over a period of hands. In fact, we put our money where our mouth is. If after 90 days of using CardShark2 you do not see an improvement in your poker success we will return your full purchase price. All we require is that you commit to remove CardShark2 from your PC. That’s how convinced we are that our technology will make a difference for you.

What are the system requirements?

CardShark2 requires the following:

Please visit the Users Forum for more information.